Underwriting DeFi Pool

Day By Day uses decentralised finance to democratise insurance by opening up underwriting to the masses.

About Day By Day's Underwriting Pools

30% of premiums paid will be deposited into the available liquidity for insurance coverage. 10% into locked liquidity.

Add underwriting pool liquidity to receive a portion of the 20% of every insurance premium as return on investment.

Your share of the pool will be in the form of a DBD-LP which can be sold and traded on our marketplace.

50% of underwriting will always be locked in a safety protocol to ensure insured assets can be covered in case of the unlikely scenario of a smart contract breach.


Any DeFi insurepreneur who adds underwriting pool liquidity will be shown the percentage of their share of the pool via a DBD LP. You can add liquidity to this pool at any time.

You will be able to receive rewards by holding your position in the underwriting pool. Access our underwriting page at any time to collect your rewards.

You can sell and trade this pool position via the marketplace below the pool.

We hope to launch more pools in the future once we are live on mainnet. For business enquiries, please contact us.

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