Day By Day Roadmap

This is the high-level product roadmap for Day By Day. Other changes such as app updates, branding implementation and team expansion aren't shown in this roadmap.
2023 Day By Day Roadmap
Asset register mobile app - launched!
NFTs as insurance policies - launched!
NFT policy marketplace - launched!
April - May
DeFi Underwriting Pool - to testnet
Dashboard Reporting - to testnet
DAO Platform - to testnet
June - July
Biometrics Zero Proof App Access - in upcoming app version release
Get Insurance Platform - to testnet
Instant AI Claim Assessing Solution - to testnet
August - September
DeFi Underwriting Pool - to mainnet
Get Insurance Platform - to mainnet
Instant AI Claim Assessing Solution - to mainnet
DAO Platform and Governance - to mainnet