Staking DBD

You can stake DBD tokens to earn rewards

Day By Day Staking Partners

We have launched a staking pool and a farm on Humble!

You can contribute to the pool here:

You can participate in the farm here:

Day By Day's Native Staking Platform

Day By Day's staking platform offerings rewards for staking DBD tokens. The rewards for the current pools are currently:


45 days - 15% APY

90 days - 45% APY

Click here to go to DBD staking on Polygon

Algorand (CLOSED)

90 days - 45% APY

Click here to go to DBD staking on Algorand

Steps for staking:

  1. Ensure you have at least 250 DBD on either the Polygon or Algorand chain.

  2. Choose which chain you want to stake on

  3. Link your web3 wallet to the staking application

  4. Insert the number of DBD you want to stake (Please note the minimum stake amount is 250 DBD and the maximum is 100,000 DBD.)

  5. Choose your staking duration (Please note this is a hard lock of your tokens for the selected duration)

  6. Done!

Having DBD staked will give you extra bonuses on the future Day By Day decentralised insurance platform along with your APY rewards.

Please note: On Algorand, adding additional DBD to your staking amount will add to your staking duration. APY rewards will be calculated automatically by the Algorand PPOS Consensus Mechanism.

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