DBD Token Use Cases

DBD is the utility token of Day By Day. This is how you can get involved.

DBD is on Polygon and Algorand with more chains planned for the future.

DBD's Polygon contract address: 0x72b9f88e822cf08B031c2206612B025a82fb303C

DBD's Algorand ASA ID: 1131427236

How to Get DBD

  1. You can earn DBD in our Asset Register App for adding or updating asset information. Please note, only assets with proof of ownership are valid for receiving DBD.

  2. You can buy DBD on BitMart Exchange - a centralised Cryptocurrency exchange. You have the choice to withdraw to either the Polygon chain or the Algorand chain.

  3. You can swap tokens for DBD on Quickswap for the Polygon chain

  4. You can swap ALGO for DBD on Vestige for the Algorand chain which will find you the best price for our Algorand partners.

Use Cases for DBD


  1. Monetising Insured Assets

  2. Hold, stake and earn DBD

  3. Gift card purchasing from Day By Day's asset register app

  4. CEX/DEX trading

  5. Liquidity farming

  6. Burn DBD for discounted NFT Policy Minting

  7. Underwriting rewards

  8. Discounts on insurance premiums

  9. Token rewards for not claiming insurance coverage


  1. Referral rewards

  2. DAO Platform Governance participation

  3. Become a certified Day By Day claims assessor by owning DBD tokens

  4. Earn DBD tokens for every assessment you participate in approving

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