NFTs as Insurance Policies

Day By Day's decentralised insurance platform uses NFTs as insurance policies.

Day By Day has developed a world-first use case for NFTs in the form of insurance policies.

By holding a Day By Day insurance policy NFT, you are not taking out insurance cover, but rather, investing in income-generating assets that insurance customers use to protect their assets.

20% of the paid premium from the customer will be distributed amongst all NFT insurance policy holders whose policies have the same attributes.

The Day By Day insurance policy NFT holder does not take on the risk of the asset coverage, but rather, is backed by Underwriting DeFi liquidity pools.

Mint your NFTs here.

Learn more about our NFTnomics here.

NFTs policy ownership expires after 18 months to ensure active engagement from the owner and avoid rewards being locked.

Day By Day has launched NFT policy minting with the ability to add any combination of 6 asset categories and 4 insurance events.

Asset Categories

  • Art

  • Appliances

  • Electronics

  • Furniture

  • Jewellery

  • Tools

Insurance Events

  • Fire

  • Theft

  • Water

  • Vehicle Impact

Cover Duration

  • Up to 1 Day

  • Up to 3 Days

  • Up to 7 Days

  • Up to 14 Days

  • Up to 21 Days

  • Up to 30 Days

  • Up to 60 Days

  • Up to 90 Days

  • Up to 180 Days

  • Up to 365 Days

  • Up to 2 years

  • Up to 3 years

The combination of these attributes make up your unique 1:1 NFTs.

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